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Did God give humans dominion over animals?

If God doesn't ordain meat-eating, why are there so many laws about what meat is and isn't clean, and why doesn't Jesus condemn meat-eating outright?

"I understand that many Christians embrace veganism because God's plan is one of love and peace. How can they advocate vegetarianism if they don't believe Jesus was a vegetarian?

I believe that the Bible is literally true, that it is God speaking through human beings. So that means Jesus ate fish after the resurrection and fed them to people in the multiplication miracle. Also, it means that Paul tells me it's OK to eat animals. And God sure kills a lot of animals (and human beings). Why should I be a vegetarian?

Paul's letters to Timothy (first letter, chapter 4) and to the Romans (chapter 14) say that all food is good to eat. He also calls abstinence from meat a false teaching. How do you reconcile vegetarianism with these teachings?

Why don't we have a passage reading, "Thou shalt not eat meat," or a clear statement that Jesus didn't eat animal flesh?

How can you use Scripture to promote vegetarianism while discounting Scripture that disagrees with your asessment?

Why are there so few scholarly publications advocating Christian vegetarianism?

Doesn't God give humans permission to eat meat in Genesis 9?

Why don't you focus your attention on abortion or child abuse? Why do you care about animals?

What about Peter's vision in Acts, where the animals come down in the cloth?

Doesn't Jesus eat fish after the resurrection, help the fisherman catch fish, and serve fish during the multiplication miracle?

Doesn't God call for animal sacrifice?

Why are you focusing on Christianity?

Jesus was an observant Jew, so wouldn't he have eaten the sacrificial lamb on Passover? 

It's natural to kill for food. Animals kill one another in the wild. Why shouldn't we?

I consume the Eucharist, the body and blood of Jesus, so how can I reconcile that with being a vegetarian?

What next—rights for vegetables?


Aren't humans naturally carnivorous?


Doesn't 'Thou Shalt Not Kill' apply to humans, not animals?

Do you believe Jesus was a vegetarian?

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